Total Population 2007 39,012

* 0-24 mos

* 25-71mos 2,297
* School Age Children 4,923
Total Number of Household 6,502
Average Household Size 6
Land Area 11,169 has.
Number of Barangays 17
2007 Total Annual Budget P 38, 543, 282.90
A.Funds for Nutrition and Other Related Programs 3, 337,200.60
Funds for the BNS Incentives

144, 740.00"P


In the years following the war, the Margosatubig Hospital was rebuilt by Dr. Climaco Elago. His Administrative Officer and Chief Nurse, Cornelio Felisilda was drafted to run and became the municipal mayor in 1948-1955 followed by Teodoro Elago who served from 1956 to 1964. During these years life was indeed a great abundance. Land was fertile and kaingineros thrived as fishing censoros enjoyed the lure of the Dumanquillas shores that teemed with fish of various class and species. Migrants after migrants, Margosatubig became the promise and the home of those who sought for greener pasture.
Nothing much can be remembered about the American occupation. However, information marked a historic event of the guerilla fighting fearlessly side by side with the Americans in defense of freedom and democracy, and the stories of a large pit in the old Spanish fort (now Pax Quadrangle) where pirates and criminals were subjected to the Jues de Kutselyo, beheaded and buried.

Guerilla movement in Margosatubig started at the height of the Japanese - American war. Guerilla organization began with a handful of volunteers initiated by a certain American engineer named McCarthy who used to work with the Malangas Coal Mine in 1942. With Tiguian as their strong hold they fought gallantly. Though poorly armed, they gained isolated victories under cover guerilla tactics against the superior Japanese Army. Life then was very miserable as civilians moved from one evacuation center to another amidst famine and frequent epidemic. The guerilla grew stronger when finally the USAFEE and other volunteers all over the Peninsula joined forces against the common enemy of the land. A certain American mestizo named Morgan who was Chief of Police in Tubod, Lanao and a friend of General Fertig bravely crossed to Australia through a vinta. There he engaged American support and not long after, weapons of war, ammunitions, medicine and food soon came making the guerilla more vigilant and high in their hope to win the war.